Kanchi Sankara follows Happy Tots Curriculum in Kindergarten


Happy Tots

    “Happy Tots curriculum prepares Children for Lifelong Learning”

             Happy Tots offers a well – structured curriculum for all three levels of Kindergarten: Preschool, Junior and Senior Kindergarten. The program engages children in exciting learning activities specifically designed to meet the developmental needs and help them advance to the next level. Our Curriculum emphasizes language and literacy, cognitive development, Social- emotional skills, Physical activity and creativity


           Our core principles begin with the simple truth that each child has a unique and individual nature, worthy of respect, nurture and celebration. We believe that children are natural learners who gain knowledge by doing  and communicating – that is why we always plan active and engaging experiences to child.


 What we offer

  • Theme based learning units (monthly)
  • Synopsis
  • Day wise planner
  • Everyday lesson plans (detailed)
  • Art Activity file
  • Stories
  • Music: Rhymes & songs
  • Assessment Questions
  • Observation Reports (Term wise)
  • Special Days & Event Schedules
  • Suggested list of places field trips (based on themes)

Happy Tots has been designed to address the following areas of

  • Developmentally appropriate Curriculum
  • Innovative and dynamic Teaching styles
  • Brain friendly learning modules
  • Tangible learning outcomes
  • Creative and intellectual curiosity stimulated by suitable learing environment
  • Specialized and adept Teachers.

              The Happy Tots Home-based Early Learning program is personal teaching in action. Every teacher creates an individual development plan(IDP) for each child’s unique interests and learning ability, triggering your child’s passion for learning. Through the Happy Tots early childhood learning program, every child receives a detailed Learning Journey documenting your child’s strengths, interests and abilities to get them ready for school.



               It help the children develop their critical-thinking skills and intellectual curiosity that fuels success in their Kindergarten classrooms any beyond


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