Date: 04.12.2018                                          Time: 9 a.m to 12.30p.m

The interactive session conducted by Mr. Arun Subramanian (Mentor) was very useful for the students to think about their new innovative ideas which is relevant to solve the problems in life.

Initially, sirtold about the simple day to day life problems and their possible solutions like plastic, waste management etc. Then, sir told the students have to write their ideas and share it. Students are sincerely wrote about their ideas.

The following ideas are shared by the students.

Burn plastic:

          We can use the clothes and jute for making bags instead of plastic bags and we can avoid plastic bottles by using Bamboo to make bottles. We can make coconut bowls. It helps to keep nuts, sugar… It is natural and healthy. We must plant saplings before cutting a single tree.

 Rain Water Sensor:

           With the help of the sensor, we can automatically retrieve the clothes and to cover our four and two wheelers like car and bike. To protect pet animals in our house and to check whether the tank fills or not.


 Single Switch for OFF/ON:

          It is necessary for old peoples who cannot able to walk and stand and we can further improve it with the help of IOT(Internet of Things) so, we can save the time and electricity.

 Electric books:

          It is used for blind and deaf. There will be a separate button for blind (Braille) and Deaf (CD) They can study and learn anything without anyone’s help.


Prosthetic Legs:

          Artificial legs/ hands are used by the people who are lost their own hands or legs accidently. With the help of this leg, we can participate in the athletics also. It is made up of Carbon fiber. Not only the hands and legs, we can use it for many other purposes.


Bio degradable and Eatable spoon:

We can make the eatable spoons in different flavors and colors.sugar, ginger-cinnamon, ginger-garlic, cumin, celery, black pepper, mint-ginger and carrot-beetroot. The spoons have a shelf life of two to three years.We can eat it up. If we don’t want to eat it, we can throw it. It decomposes within four to five days.



Time: 1p.m to 4 p.m

Solar Cap:

          It is very useful during summer season. We have to place the solar panel on top of the cap, that panel absorbs the solar energy and runs the motor. It is the easy method to produce the electricity.


Electric Car:

          With the use of this car, we can avoid the pollution and save the petrol. We can use the rechargeable battery for charging the car after a particular time. We can replace the battery by solar panel also.



          It is a device that flies high and controlled by a remote. We canplace the camera in it. So, it can be used in the firing buildings, border areas and dangerous places etc.


Food waste management:

          In many hotels, foods are wasted due to insufficient consumers. At the meantime, some peoples are died because of no food. We can solve the problem by proper food management. Food is important source for living. We should not waste it. By means of hotel owners, we can give the food for the poor people.





Date: 05.12.2018                                          Time: 9 a.m to12.30p.m

          This day session was completely different from the previous session. Sir explained about the robots and their various uses in different fields like tesla. Students are voluntarily came and share their ideas in robotics.

After the discussion,Sir arranged three groups according to their ideas. The students done their projects in the following ideas.

  1. Dangerous and difficult to humans to perform like in construction sites etc
  2. Inhuman in nature like scavenging and cleaning of roads, railway stations etc
  3. In service of humans like in old age homes, or homes for differently abled persons.

The students watched three short videos together. One was the modern Tesla car factory, a second was a Japanese initiative which have robots to help old aged countrymen with a few chores that require assistance, and a third one was useful machines to lay roads.


Time: 1 p.m to 4p.m

Students expressed their desires to simulate an environment and set their experimentsfor our environment with a narrative. For example, the boys who are working on the robot that will replace humans scavenging and cleaning public places wish to demonstrate their prototype in a laboratory environment simulating a railway station and an open drain.



Date: 06.12.2018    Time: 9 p.m to 12 p.m

          This session was a solo talking session on sustainable technologies. As residents of this town that is also frequented by religious visitors on account of the famous temple, cleanliness has been a concern amongst the students.

They expressed theirideas to have a robust machine-driven cleaning device, want to ensure garbage disposal is rightly done – with segregation of bio degradable from the rest.

Next to that, the project done by the students were explained and got the exclusive ideas for its future scope(extension). Our students discussed their ideas and clarified their doubts.

Finally, this interactive session is very useful for the students and it definitely create a good change in their innovation ideas.





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