KERALA NEET ACADEMY provide NEET/JEE entrance coaching at Kanchi Sri Sankara AMHSS. Produce best result in NEET/JEE entrance in the school.
 Course Details:

 * One year NEET/JEE Course – 12th class            * Two Year NEET/JEE Course – 11th class

  • One Year Bridge course – 10th class                  * One Year Foundation course – 8th & 9th class
Terms & Conditions

    1. All the classes will be handled by regular faculties of Kerala NEET Academy.

    2. OMR examination will be conducted twice a month.

    3. 11th and 12th batches will be handled in every saturday and other days – if needed.

    4. Bridge course and foundation course classes will be conducted on saturdays

    5. Study materials will be supplied by KNA.

    6. All classes, exam related activities will be co-ordinated by KNA officials.

   7. Necessary class rooms,transport,electricity and other infrastructure are provided by Kanchi.

       One year NEET/JEE Foundation course 8th & 9th  –  100 sessions

       One year NEET/JEE Bridge course 10th                  –   100 sessions

       Two years NEET/JEE Course 11th                           –  125 sessions in first year/125 sessions + Test series in        

                                                                                                  second year

       One year NEET/JEE Course 12th                             – 125 sessions + crash course

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