Progress Report

Open days will be arranged after each exam enabling the parents to visit the school and receive the Progress reports in PERSON.

NOTE TO PARENTS – Parent’s corner

  • Please encourage your child to be courteous and helpful.
  • Please try to spend some time with your Child to know from him/her what goes on in the school and how he/she gets on with his/her teachers and friends.
  • Kindly check and sign the home work daily.
  • Viewing of T.V by children is alright, but timings and programmes have to be decided by the parents.
  • Kindly encourage the Child to cultivate regular healthy habits.
  • Kindly insist regular study timings for your Child.
  • Tuitions are unnecessary for most of our students and so it is better to discourage private tuitions.
  • When parents are requested to meet the Principal/Teachers please fix an appointment and meet.
  • Parents should inform the School Office of any change of Address or Phone Number.
  • Changes required in transport should be sent in writing to the School Office.
  • Any changes in the routine of the school will be communicated to the parents through SMS.
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