Hand Book

Our school provides quality education where maintenance of disciplines is the basic norm. Parents will help their wards adhere to the rules fully.

School hours should be followed precisely

  Silence is to be observed in the classrooms, library and in the office area.

  Students should speak only in English in the campus and in the school bus.

  Students should behave in graceful manner both inside and outside the school.

  Students should keep their class rooms and environment neat and tidy. Wrapper, leaves etc., must be dropped in the garbage bins in the campus.

  No student shall leave the school premises during the school hours without the permission of the Principal.

  Parents or relatives are not allowed to meet the students or the teachers during school hours.

  All the students must attend the classes punctually in full uniform and also with their lessons well prepared.

  Any damage caused to school property by a student has to made good by the parents.

  No books, magazines, or other literature not related to study at school should be in the possession of the students.

  No student is allowed to wear jewels or to be in any kind of make-up in the school campus on working days.

  The use of unparliamentary language is out of place in our institution.

  Only blue ink pens should be used for writing. Ball point pens should not be used.

  Students suffering from any infectious disease will be allowed to attend the school only after the quarantine period.

  Students should be inside the School Campus by 8.40 a.m. and should be inside the class room before the prayer.

  Late comers are permitted to the classroom, only after obtaining permission from the Principal.

  Uniform should be washed and ironed daily.

  Students should always wear well polished shoes.

  Boys should maintain short, trim hair style.

  Uniforms should always be checked for buttons and safety pins should not be used.

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